I have been using Williamsburg Paint since I called Carl Plansky in 1995. Carl was amazing. He would send me samples and I would tell him what I thought of what he was making. We had a great relationship for many years. He making paint in a one room garage in East Merideth NY and me painting in a one room studio in Kingston. He developed the best Flake white I had ever used and a Paynes Grey that was subtle and intense at the same time.

A few years back Carl passed away. Besides being a great paint maker Carl was a good teacher and accomplished painter. He was larger than life.

When I heard that Golden had taken over Williamsburg I was curious. Then I met with Mark Golden, Sarah Sands and the rest of the team. They assured me that they would stay committed to the paint Carl developed. Fortunately Sarah had been the paint maker at Williamsburg and knew and loved the product. The proof however is in the paint. For the record, I am not being paid for this post. I am just writing to thank Sarah and Mark for honoring a wonderful person by staying true to his vision. Sure, some colours have changed and some were lost. I expected this. However, the true core of Carl’s paint making legacy is still there in every tube of Flake and Paynes grey.